How to Speed Up Songs Without Affecting Its Pitch in 2024

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Are you tired of listening to songs at their regular pace? Do you want to add some excitement to your music by speeding it up without altering the pitch? Look no further! In this post, we will guide you through various platforms and software options that allow you to speed up songs while preserving their original pitch. Whether you're using a Windows, Mac, or Phone, we've got you covered.

Part 1. How to Change Audio Tempo on Windows?

When it comes to speeding up songs without affecting pitch on a Windows computer, one of the top choices is the Kingshiper Audio Editor, which provides comprehensive and powerful features that make it easy to accelerate songs. Precise tempo adjustment controls, allow users to increase or decrease the speed of their songs with precision. Moreover, Its intuitive design ensures that both beginners and experienced users can navigate the software with ease.

Use Kingshiper Audio Editor to change audio tempo:


Step 1. Launch Kingshiper Audio Editor and import the song you want to speed up.


Step 2. Select one audio clip and click on the "Rate Change" button.


Step 3. Drag the slider to change the speed, and tick "Use high-quality stretching". Then, Click “OK”.


Step 4. Press “Play” to preview the changes to ensure the desired effect and make any necessary adjustments.


Step 5. Click "Export" to save your audio file. Here, you can set the output format and output folder. When you have finished, click "Export".


Part 2. How to Change Audio Tempo on Mac?

For Mac users, the built-in software GarageBand provides a convenient and accessible solution for speeding up songs without altering their pitch. This powerful audio editing tool offers a range of features that make it easy to achieve the desired tempo adjustments while maintaining the integrity of the original song.

Step 1. Open GarageBand on your Mac. Then, create a new project or open an existing one that contains the song you want to modify.

Step 2. Locate the track or section of the song that you want to change the speed of.

Step 3. Double-click on the track or section to open the Track Editor.

Step 4. Click on the "Region" tab. Drag the slider to the left to decrease the speed or to the right to increase the speed. The numerical value next to the slider indicates the percentage of the original speed.

Step 5. Play the song to preview the speed change. 

Step 6. Export it to save on your Mac.

Part 3. How to Change Audio Tempo on Phone?

If you prefer to speed up songs directly on your phone, you're in luck as both Android and iOS platforms offer dedicated apps that make the process simple and convenient. "Music Speed Changer." is an app with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that is both available for iOS and Android users, allowing you to modify the tempo of your favorite songs with ease.

Step 1. Download and install the "Music Speed Changer" app from the Google Play Store/APP Store.

Step 2. Open the app and select the song you want to modify from your device's library.

Step 3. Adjust the slider to increase or decrease the tempo of the song.

Step 4. Preview the changes.

Step 5. Save the modified song to your device.


By now you should know THREE methods to speed up songs without altering the audio pitch on different operating systems. If you’re a Windows user, Kingshiper Audio Editor stands out as an excellent choice. With this software, you can easily accelerate your favorite songs, allowing you to enjoy your music at a faster pace and embrace the energy it brings!

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