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Extract and compress various files for better saving, sharing, and transferring

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Compression & Extraction

Compared with other file compressors, KingshiperZip is designed to maximize speed without losing the file quality. It utilizes advanced algorithms and optimizations that allow it to perform a 1GB file in 3 seconds.

Massive Compression


Supports 40+ compression formats. In addition to common formats like ZIP, 7Z, and RAR, it is also compatible with formats such as ISO, DMG, CAB, TAR, etc. You can use it right away thanks to its comprehensive formats.

Lossless & Perfect


Allows you to compress various file formats, including videos, images, PDF, PPT, etc. Images Compressor maintains the picture clarity and removes its jagged edges. Video Compressor can ensure smooth playback without buffering. File Compressor will keep the file integrity.

Batch Processing


Drag and drop multiple files into the File Compressor/Extractor to start the process, which can save you time and effort when working with numerous files.


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What Our Customers Say

  • chenmeimei*

    I like using KingshiperZip. It allows me to compress videos without any quality loss and also maintain their original resolution. An amazing tool!~

  • Josephine

    KingshiperZip is a lifesaver when it comes to compressing large files! It's super easy to use and has never let me down. Highly recommended for anyone looking to save storage space and send files quickly.

  • Philip

    I use KingshiperZip primarily for compressing and extracting ZIP files, and it works flawlessly every time. The interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy to navigate. It's a reliable tool that helps me easily get the job done.

  • Ben

    KingshiperZip's versatility is impressive, which supports a wide range of file formats, including videos, images, and documents. It's an all-in-one solution for managing and compressing different types of files.

  • Linda

    KingshiperZip has been my go-to ZIP file software now. It not only saves storage space, but it also provides password protection to keep my files secure. It's a reliable and trustworthy solution.

  • Christina

    Wow! KingshiperZip is the ultimate file compression tool! It not only reduces file sizes effectively but also provides encryption options for added security.