Kingshiper Audio Editor

Editing Music is Now Simple for Everyone

Kingshiper Audio Editor is the best auxiliary tool for personal media video creators, short
video creators, music lovers, and broadcasters/dubbers,
simple and efficient.

Background Music Editing

Still worrying about your video background music? Quickly cut, combine and adjust the music parts you want, add fade-in and fade-in effects, everything is so natural and simple.

Ringtones Making

Are you excited about a particular music? With Kingshiper Audio Editor, you can trim and customize sections of your favorite music tracks, effortlessly crafting personalized phone ringtones or alarm tones that perfectly match your unique preferences and style.

Dubbing Editing

Still not satisfied with the dubbing you recorded? Enhance your dubbing by adjusting the tone, speed, and reducing background noise, resulting in a much-improved sound quality that will impress everyone.

Full-Featured Functions to Meet Your Needs


Isolate vocals or instrumental tracks from your audio files to make specific elements stand out


Trim your audio files by selecting a specific range of time and removing everything outside of that range


Combine multiple audio tracks into a single track to create more wonderful music

Background Music

Add background music to create a balanced and professional-sounding mix


Remove unwanted background noise from your audio recordings to provide a clear result

Rate Change

Adjust the speed of your audio recordings without affecting the pitch


Allows you to remove silence within your audio project that enhance the overall smooth of the audio


Adjust the overall volume of your audio files. You can make your audio recordings louder or softer, depending on your needs

Pitch Shift

Adjust the pitch of your audio recordings without affecting the speed by using high quality stretching

Fade In/Out

Allows you to gradually increase or decrease the volume of your audio at the beginning or end of a track

Support All
Types of Audio Files

Kingshiper Audio Editor supports 30+ audio formats, such as MP3, MP2, OGG, FLAC, M4A, WAV, AMR, AC3, WMA, and more. You can easily improve and manage your audio files with its user-friendly interface. It provides a seamless editing experience, giving you complete control over your audio.

Intuitive Interface
and Simple Operation

The intuitive interface combined with commonly used audio editing functions makes the editing process more efficient and time-saving. With a simple and direct operation, you can navigate through the software and achieve your desired audio edits in minutes.

Trusted by Famous Media

I have tried several audio editing software, they are too complicated for me. Kingshiper Audio Editor is very much in line with my requirements, it has all the audio editing functions I need, and the operation is very simple and efficient. Compared with other products, I don't need to pay more for features that I don't need.

Kingshiper Audio Editor offers excellent value for the price! It's packed with all the essential features I need to edit my music tracks and voice recordings. The real-time preview is a fantastic feature that helps me fine-tune my edits. The software runs smoothly without any glitches, which is impressive. If you're looking for an affordable yet reliable audio editor, give Kingshiper a try!

Kingshiper Audio Editor's speed and performance are top-notch. Even when working with large audio files, it doesn't lag or slow down. Through this audio editing software, you can edit music or recording smoothly and efficiently. Truly impressed!

Kingshiper Audio Editor is a powerful and versatile tool that caters to both beginners and professionals alike. With its impressive range of features and user-friendly interface, it stands out as one of the top choices for audio editing software.

With its comprehensive selection of filters and effects, Kingshiper Audio Editor enables users to enhance and transform their audio content effortlessly. It's an excellent tool for audio post-production in film and television.

Well, I like Kingshiper's customer service! Their development team is responsive and continuously updates the software based on user feedback, ensuring a positive user experience. Keep up the good work!

As it provides a wide range of formats support, Kingshiper Audio Editor accommodates the needs of various industries and users. From musicians to podcasters to audio engineers, it ensures compatibility and flexibility throughout the creative process.

Hot Audio Editing Tips and Tricks

Remove Vocals
Cut Audio
Merge Audio
Mix Audio

Remove Vocals Tips & Tricks

Regardless of which sound formats you intend to remove vocals from, Kingshiper Audio Editor features a user-friendly interface that makes the process of removing vocals as simple as possible. If you choose 'Vocals' or 'Instrumentals', you will automatically be able to create karaoke tracks or acapella tracks in just a few seconds as a result.

Use Denoise to reduce background noise.
Fast processing speed for analysis and extraction.
Utilize the real-time preview to make on-the-spot adjustments.
Instant analysis and detection of different music types.
Enhance the instrumentals after vocal removal by increasing their volume.
Check and review the audio for any remaining vocals/instrumentals.
Apply multiple iterations of vocals or instrumental to achieve better results.
Zoom in on waveforms and make precise adjustments where needed.

Cut Audio Tips & Tricks

It is possible to cut your music or make your own ringtone by selecting 'Cut' and then choosing the desired section of the audio file from which you wish to make a ringtone. As well, you can use the slider or enter specific start and end times to make precise cuts by entering the start and end times as well. To help you refine your editing skills, here are some tips that you can use.

Use the hotkey to speed up the cutting process.
Add fade-in and fade-out effects for seamless transitions.
Make cuts at zero-crossings to minimize potential audio artifacts or pops.
Use the waveform visualization and zoom for accurate cuts.
Trim adjacent clips closely to your cuts to remove unnecessary audio gaps.
Make cuts at zero-crossings to minimize potential audio artifacts or pops.
Hear your cuts in real-time for perfect adjustments.
Save versions at different cut points for flexible editing.

Merge Audio Tips & Tricks

When merging audio, here are some helpful tips and tricks to enhance your experience. Firstly, ensure that the audio clips you want to merge are of similar quality and compatible formats to maintain audio consistency. Secondly, consider adjusting the volume levels to create a balanced and cohesive sound. Lastly, if you meet any gaps or overlaps during the merge, use cut and trim to create a seamless audio composition.

Select an appropriate place to insert before merging.
Trim and remove silent portions between merged clips.
Combine tracks of different genres for innovative mixes.
Add background music to enhance the overall experience.
Adjust volume levels for a balanced overall mix.
Combine Merge Audio with Cut for dynamic editing.
Utilize Merge Audio for creating dynamic podcasts or engaging stories.
Adjust pitch to ensure the merged audio clips are in harmony.

Mix Audio Tips & Tricks

When it comes to creating audio mixes with Kingshiper Audio Editor, choose background music and then insert the file you want to mix. With these audio mixing tips, you can shape your tracks with precision and finesse. Moreover, it enables you to adjust the volume levels, change pitch, and apply various effects to create a well-balanced composition.

Change the audio speed for DJ purposes.
Use denoise to remove unwanted noise.
Use trim to precisely edit your mixed audio and make it better.
Preview in real-time that make adjustments as needed.
Export your file with higher audio quality and sample rate.
Adjust the volume of each audio to get a balanced mix.
Apply fade-ins and fade-outs at the beginning and end of tracks for seamless transitions.
Use Vocals or Instrumental to create a karaoke track or acapella track.