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HEIC format is commonly used in Apple and Android devices for images. It offers high image quality with a smaller file size compared to JPG. However, HEIC files may be limited on Windows computers.

What is HEIC Format?

Full Nmae High Efficiency Image File Format
File Extension .heif,.heic
MIME image/heif,image/heic,image/heif-sequence,
Format Type Image Container Format
Developed by Moving Picture Experts Group(MPEG)
Supported iOS, Android

Lossless HEIC Image

Kingshiper HEIC to JPG Converter helps you convert your photos from HEIC to other image formats without losing quality, such as JPG, PNG, etc. Simply drag and drop your HEIC images and then start your conversion.

Privacy Protected & Safe

This tool prioritizes the protection of your privacy by performing all conversions locally, thus establishing a secure environment that shields your data from any unauthorized access or intrusions.

Multiple Popular Formats

Kingshiper HEIC to JPG Converter allows you to converter a wide range of image formats including Livp, WEBP, JPG, PNG, CR2, TGA, and more, in order to meet your different conversion needs.

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Scenario 1

Business User

One click to convert various HEIC to JPG or other formats without limitation, thus improving the work Efficiency.

Scenario 2


Allow videographers to convert images to different formats for digital cameras and help them store images in various file types.

Scenario 3


Easily convert HEIC images from mobile phones to JPG or other formats for convenient viewing and storage.

Scenario 4


Convert various images to meet the requirement of showcasing a large number of product images for better user experience.

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