Kingshiper Duplicate Remover

What Can You Do with Kingshiper Duplicate Remover?

Kingshiper Duplicate Remover is a powerful and simple tool that allows you to quickly scan and remove duplicate files, thereby
helping you free up valuable disk space and improve your PC performance.

Similar Images

Find and remove duplicate or similar images with just few clicks.

Duplicate Audio

Identify, manage, and organize similar audio files effortlessly.

Duplicate Videos

Detect and remove duplicate videos to free up your hard drive space.

Duplicate Documents

Fast scan and remove duplicate documents to maintain an efficient file system.

Other Files

Manage files on your computer safely, avoiding accidental deletions.

Benefits of Kingshiper Duplicate Remover

Rapid & Accurate Scan Multiple Types of Files

Provide fast and accurate scanning regardless of volume of files you
Support removing all file types including images, videos, audio,
    documents and more.

Smart Search & Advanced Comparison Algorithm

Use intelligent algorithms to compare file names and contents to
    detect duplicates.
Search and analyze images and audio files that are not exactly
    identical but very similar.

Protect System Files and Safe Delete Duplicates

Your system files are protected from any potential damage during
Easy to remove duplicate files and free up disk space without
    backing up your personal data.

How to Find Duplicate Files from your PC

Choose Scan Mode
Select Folders/Disk to Scan
Preview & Delete Duplicate Files

Step 1: Choose Scan Mode

Select to find duplicate images, videos, audio files to start Deduplication.

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Step 2: Select Folders/Disk to Scan

Add files/folders to scan, start scanning selected files for duplicates.

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Step 3: Preview & Delete Duplicate Files

Preview scan results, select duplicate files and click "Remove to" to remove files.

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See What Users Say About Us

  • Kingshiper Duplicate Remover

    What I appreciate most about Kingshiper Duplicate Remover is its flexibility. The ability to customize the criteria for identifying duplicates gives me full control over the cleaning process. It adapts perfectly to my specific needs.

  • Kingshiper Duplicate Remover

    As a photographer, keeping my digital library organized and free of duplicates is crucial for my workflow. Kingshiper Duplicate Remover can help me find multiple images at a short time! It is an outstanding tool.

  • Kingshiper Duplicate Remover

    Kingshiper Duplicate Remover helps me identify and remove an overwhelming amount of duplicate files from my computer, freeing up substantial storage space. Highly recommended for anyone looking to delete duplicates.

  • Kingshiper Duplicate Remover

    I love music but had tons of duplicate audio files. Kingshiper Duplicate Remover made it easy to clean up my collection. It can even pick out similar tracks with small differences. If you love music, you should give it a try!

  • Kingshiper Duplicate Remover

    I was amazed by how fast and accurate Kingshiper Duplicate Remover is. It found and cleaned up all the unnecessary duplicates on my computer with ease.

  • Kingshiper Duplicate Remover

    Thanks to Kingshiper Duplicate Remover, I no longer have to deal with the headache of managing duplicate files. This software has saved me a ton of time and frustration. I can't imagine managing my files without it!

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