Kingshiper Video Compressor

Why We Stand Out

Compress videos and GIFs in seconds, enabling you to batch processing,
customize settings, and transcode in high-definition with some simple clicks.

Multiple Video Compression Methods
Offer 3 compression methods to satisfy your various demands
Abundant Video Formats
Support various video formats such as mp4, ts, mkv, avi, mov, mts, and more
Compress and Preview with One Click
Compress multiple files at once, allowing you to preview compression results in advance
Multiple GIF Compression Levels
Choose from 3 GIF compression levels to meet your needs
Export in Various Aspect Ratios
Customize width and height options to meet different size requirements for GIFs
One-Click Compression
Process your GIF image files simultaneously, improving your work efficiency

Applicable Situations

Content Creators
Optimize file sizes without losing quality, making it easier to share and upload their content across various platforms
Reduce the file size so that can decrease upload and download times, enabling faster and more efficient content sharing with their audience
Maintain high-quality content while reducing file sizes, which helps in quicker and smoother uploading on social media platforms
Video Enthusiasts
Manage a larger volume of videos within their devices, ultimately saving storage space and allowing for smoother playback
Post-production Makers
One click compression can simplify the editing process, making it easier to work with and transfer large video files between various editing software
Office Workers
Enable efficient sharing and distribution of video content, saving storage space and promoting seamless collaboration among team members

Compress Your Video in 3 Steps