Top 3 Ways to Remove Vocals from YouTube Video with Ease[2023]

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Are you tired of listening to YouTube videos with overpowering vocals that sometimes drown out the instrumental tracks or background music? Do you wish to fully immerse yourself in the captivating melodies and intricate arrangements of a song without the distraction of vocals? If so, you're not alone. Many music enthusiasts, aspiring artists, and even content creators often find themselves craving the pure instrumental version of a popular track or seeking a seamless blend of music and vocals that perfectly suits their preferences.


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Method 1. Use Kingshiper Vocal Remover to Remove Vocals from YouTube Video

Method 2. Use Moises to Remove Vocals from YouTube Video

Method 3. Use LALAL.AI to Remove Vocals from YouTube Video

Method 1. Use Kingshiper Vocal Remover to Remove Vocals from YouTube Video

Kingshiper Vocal Remover is a powerful and user-friendly audio processing tool designed to isolate vocals from audio or video tracks. You can separate vocals and instruments and save them on your computer with 3 simple steps.


With its intuitive interface and advanced features, this tool empowers you to easily separate vocals from audio or video tracks, allowing you to create stunning remixes, karaoke tracks, or personalized music experiences. Moreover, it not only ensures exceptional vocal isolation but also maintains the overall audio quality of the track.



Why choose Kingshiper Vocal Remover?


1. Advanced AI Technology: Kingshiper Vocal Remover takes advantage of cutting-edge AI algorithms, ensuring accurate and high-quality vocal extraction results. The tool is meticulously trained to recognize and isolate the human voice, delivering impressive performance.


2. Easy to Use: The user-friendly interface of Kingshiper Vocal Remover makes the entire process a breeze, even for beginners. The straightforward design empowers you to achieve vocal isolation effortlessly, without the need for extensive technical knowledge.


3. Fast Processing: With Kingshiper Vocal Remover, you don't have to wait for hours to obtain the isolated vocals. The tool operates swiftly, allowing you to save time and focus on your creative pursuits.


Step 1. Launch Kingshiper Vocal Remover on your PC and Choose “Video Vocal Remover”.

Step 2. Drag a video file into the software and click “Start”.

Step 3. When it has finished processing, press “Go to the output folder” to check it fast.


Method 2. Use Moises to Remove Vocals from YouTube Video


Moises is a cutting-edge audio processing tool that offers an array of impressive features. Among its many capabilities, the ability to separate and remove vocals from YouTube videos stands out. With Moises, you can extract instrumental tracks from your favorite videos, allowing you to focus on specific elements like melodies, rhythms, or harmonies.

Why choose Moises?

1. Real-Time Preview and Fine-Tuning: Offers a real-time preview feature that enables you to hear the isolated instrumental track on the fly.

2. Advanced Audio Processing Features: Apart from vocal removal, you can manipulate audio parameters like volume, EQ, and panning to further enhance your instrumental tracks.


Step 1. Go to Moises Vocal Remover and register an account.

Step 2. Click “Add” to select the YouTube video you have downloaded or paste a URL on the Cloud storage and click on Next.

Step 3. Select a separation type according to your need and click on Submit.

Step 4. Wait for the processing to finish. Then you can click the song to preview the effects.

Step 5. Click Export to save the separated track you want.


Method 3. Use LALAL.AI to Remove Vocals from YouTube Video

If you are looking for an instant way of removing vocals from a YouTube video without having to download software to your computer, LALAL.AI is ideal for you. As a web-based platform, LALAL.AI offers a convenient and advanced solution for everyone.


Why Choose LALAL.AI?

1. High-Quality Stem Splitting: LALAL.AI provides the best vocal separation quality on the market, ensuring cleaner results with fewer artifacts.

2. Multiple Stem Separation Types: You can choose to separate vocals, instrumental, drums, bass, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and synthesizer tracks.

Step 1. Go to LALAL.AI website and click Select Files to upload your video.

Step 2. Choose Vocal and Instrumental on the left pane.

Step 3. Press Play to preview the effect.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have shown you the top 3 ways to remove vocals from YouTube videos with ease. With these three solutions, you can easily make a karaoke track for further production. We believe you have fully understood it as it is not a complicated process. If you find this article useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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