TOP 5 Best Free Audio Editors for Windows in 2024

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Although there are many of the best free audio editing software available to help you edit your audio files, creating a wonderful audio file like a professional artist is still a big headache. In addition, it often involves issues such as your budget, your skill level of audio editors, etc.

However, after researching numerous tools, we are about to share the top best free audio editors for Windows in 2024 here. We hope this article will help you pick accurately the audio editor for better improving your audio file that will meet your specific needs. 

And if you are in a hurry, just download Kingshiper Audio Editor, an easy-to-use audio editor that allows you to deal with all kinds of audio files and apply some effects to them.



Top 5 free audio editor:

1. Kingshiper Audio Editor

Compatibility:  win7/win8/win10/win11

Kingshiper Audio Editor is a rich-featured and professional audio editing software. The user interface is pretty well-structured and intuitive, which manages to merge functionality with simplicity, making it both accessible and capable at the same time. As a result, it is easy for both beginners and pros.

Furthermore, there are countless solutions available, offered as both online services or executables. To begin with, you can pull the audio progress bar and select the audio segments that you want to edit, trim, and crop, then set start and end points, zoom in and out, insert audio, mix streams, and undo or redo your actions. In addition, it also allows you to add some sound effects, such as fade in, fade out, unmute, denoise, remove vocal, and change tempo, speed, and pitch. 

Kingshiper Audio Editor Interface.png


1. Clean and simple interface to navigate.

2. Easy for all skill levels.

3. Full-featured audio editor.

4. Support audio tempo changes without altering the sound pitch.

2. Audacity

Compatibility: win10/win11/macOS/Linux

Known as a free open-source audio editor, Audacity is shipped with many effects that you can use to modify your audio.It has a relatively professional interface for audio recording, editing, and audio effect enhancement. If you are familiar with the operation of audio editing software, it is not difficult to get started with Audacity, whose interface looks slightly complicated and the UI design is not pretty attractive. As a result, its official website provides a number of software tutorials to help you use Audacity.


1. Provide multi-track editing.

2. Support 24-bit depth sound recording.

3. Free, cross-platform audio editing software.

3. Reaper

Compatibility: All Windows versions

Reaper is a professional digital audio production software that offers a variety of audio tracks and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering toolset. In addition, all the interfaces and menus in Reaper can be customized according to your needs and requirements. You can rearrange its color scheme, appearance, toolbars, and create menus.


1. Provide MIDI hardware and software.

2. Provide multichannel audio recording.

3. Highly customizable.

4. TwistedWave

Compatibility: Mac/iPhone/iPad/Online/Windows

It has launched a public beta version that is available for Windows now. TwistedWave not only can edit audio online quickly and efficiently but also all the tools here can be used conveniently, so you can solve all your problems within seconds, such as crop, cut, speed, and loop. Nevertheless, I have to point out that there are some features not available on Windows yet.


1. It has a loop audio playback.

2. Accessible for mono, stereo, and multitrack.

5. Audio Trimmer

Compatibility: Web browser

Are you looking for a free online MP3 Cutter? Audio Trimmer is a simple online tool that contributes to trimming your audio files in a short time. It supports mostly all mobile and tab devices, which means you can cut songs, music and audio records directly on your mobile device’s browser.


1. Online editing can be done without download.

2. Provide an online ringtone maker.

3. Free and easy to use.

How to choose the best free Audio Editor for you?

A free and excellent audio editing tool will improve your work time effectively and also save your budget to help you better have a great experience to enjoy the process of editing. But depending on your specific needs, your choice may vary.

Here’s a list of things you need to consider when selecting an audio editor:

Which one is the best free audio editor?

As we have seen, most of the free audio editing software has limited functionality or clunky interfaces. Therefore, among all the above-mentioned free audio editors, we would single out KingShiper Audio Editor. It is designed to address such needs by providing users with a dedicated desktop solution that will allow them to add audio content and perform a wide range of editing processes. In consequence, this free audio editing software not only performs basic and intermediate edits but also supports various file formats that you can export without hesitation! Moreover, it is friendly and easy to handle even for novices.


If you want to enjoy all the basic functions and featured effects, the above are some of the programs that you can operate to edit your audio using all of the options available out there. For those who are looking for a simple and reliable audio editor for easier tasks, Kingshiper Audio Editor is indeed the perfect choice and you can download it for free to start your editing from now on!


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