3 Simple Ways to Edit an MP3 File on Windows

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MP3 is the most common file format that works on most devices. When you intend to produce a video, merge several music files into one, or create ringtones, how to edit MP3 files accurately is a big hassle. Therefore, whatever your purpose is, this article will teach you how to edit MP3 files with some useful audio editing tools.

Part 1. How to Edit MP3 Files on Windows with an Audio Editor.

Whether you are a professional audio master who needs to record or generate audio components on a regular basis, or just an audio editing enthusiast who suddenly has a whim and wants to learn how to edit, you can do it with this audio editing software - KingShiper Audio Editor. Here are some featured effects:

fade-in/out: Achieve the effect that progressive increase in volume at the beginning or a gradual decrease at the end of the audio, you can choose the “fade-in” or “fade-out”.

Denoise: If there is some irrelevant noise in the audio, then select “Denoise” for noise reduction.

Volume: Select this effect to make an appropriate volume adjustment to the audio.

Unmute: If there are frequent muted parts in the audio, click on the "Unmute" button to quickly remove them.

Voice Removal: Remove the vocal strength according to the range of Hertz (from low to high) and the parameters can be customized.

Tempo change: Change the tempo of the audio while keeping the pitch constant, and the number and length of beats can be customized.

Pitch Shift: Change the chromatic scale or other parameters as per your request.

Rate Change: Adjust the multiplier speed and tone of the sound so that audio playback speeds will be changed.

Well, let’s download and try to experience all the effects right now!

Step 1: Click on "Add File" and then upload the audio you need to process into the software.

Step 2: When selecting an audio clip, it should be noted that the blue line is the current selected position and the red line is the current playback position. Hold down the left mouse and drag to select the audio content.

Step 3: Click on the "Play" button to play the selected audio content to help us determine if the selection is correct.

Step 4: The upper part of the software interface is the editing function area. Select one of the functions to edit the audio.

Step 5: The bottom of the software interface is the effects area, which used to add effects to the audio.

Step 6: When the editing is completed, click "Export" in the upper right corner. In the pop-up window, you can set the export audio format and export file location. When finished setting, click "OK".

Part 2. How to Edit an MP3 File Online

If you don’t want to take some time to download the application, another convenient way to edit MP3 files is using an online audio editor like Audio Trimmer, a simple online tool that contributes to editing your audio in a short time.

Step 1: Open the Audio Trimmer website on your browser.

Step 2: Click "Choose File" to upload the MP3 file you decide to edit. 

Step 3: Now, your audio will start playing immediately. 

Step 4: Drag the handles to select the part you want to keep or remove, and then click "Crop."

Step 5: Once you’ve finished, click "Download" to save the file. 

Part 3. How to edit an MP3 File with Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is supplied by Windows without installing third-party software. If we only need to deal with some simple editing tasks, such as renaming the names, titles and changing the speed.

Step 1: Right-click on your MP3 audio. Select Windows Media Play to open it,

Step 2: Right-click the song you want to edit again and click “Edit”.

Step 3: Then, you can edit its title, the name of the composer, the genre of the song, and the artist's name.

Step 4: Once you’ve finished, click OK to save the MP3 audio file after editing.

In Conclusion

Above are all the three useful ways to edit MP3 files on Windows. You can try them one by one and choose the one suits you best. If you want to generate professional-like audio files, you can use KingShiper Audio Editor to improve work efficiency, which not only performs basic and intermediate edits but also supports various file formats. While if you want to handle some simple audio editing tasks, you can try the other three options provided in this article.

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