Kingshiper MP3 Converter for Mac

Kingshiper MP3 Converter for Mac User Guide

1  Get Started

It is simple to download, install, purchase, and activate the software. Follow the below steps.

1.1  Download & Install

Step 1. Download it on Your PC

If you don't have Kingshiper MP3 Converter for Mac yet, click the button below to download it. Or visit here to download it.


Step 2. Install Kingshiper MP3 Converter for Mac

From the pop-up window, right-click the .dmg file, and choose "Open". Then, drag the icon to the "Applications" folder to install.

Step 3. Launch Kingshiper MP3 Converter for Mac

It will take seconds to install Kingshiper MP3 Converter for Mac successfully. Then, you can open Kingshiper MP3 Converter for Mac through LaunchPad.

1.2  Login with Kingshiper Account(Register) & Update & Uninstall

1.2.1  Login Kingshiper MP3 Converter for Mac with Kingshiper Account/Old License

With the premium version of Kingshiper MP3 Converter for Mac, you'll have the following permissions.

If you want to enjoy the full features without any limitations, please simply click the “Buy now” option in the upper-right corner to purchase Kingshiper MP3 Converter from the official website.

If you have already purchased Kingshiper MP3 Converter for Mac, please log in with the Kingshiper Account by clicking the Person icon.

1.2.2  What is Kingshiper Account? 

Kingshiper Account refers to the account you created from Kingshiper NTFS for Mac. It helps you manage your order details and log in to Kingshiper products that support Kingshiper Account.

1.2.3  How to log in to Kingshiper MP3 Converter for Mac?

Launch Kingshiper MP3 Converter for Mac after installation, and click on the Person icon in the right-top corner to get a new window as below.

1.2.4  How to sign up for a new Kingshiper Account account

If you don't have a Kingshiper Account, then you need to click the Create account here option on the initial interface and create a new account.

You'll get a new interface to enter your email address and set a password, and then click on the “Create Account” button to create the account.

1.2.5  What can you do with Kingshiper Account?

You can click on the “Member Center” button to open the Kingshiper official website and click on the Person icon, then choose “Account Center”. You can edit your profile, change your password, and check your order on this page.


My order: You can find the Order, Profile, and Security information here.


Profile: You can edit your personal information from this tab.


Security: You can change your password here.

1.2.6  Update

If you want to check if your Kingshiper MP3 Converter for Mac is the latest version and update it, you can follow the step below to update automatically.


Go to the “Setting” icon and it will pop up a Live Update tip as below.

1.2.7  Uninstall

If you think Kingshiper MP3 Converter for Mac hasn't met your expectations or you don't want to use it now, you can uninstall it as below:

Go to "Finder", and choose "Applications" interface in the left menu bar. Right-click the Kingshiper MP3 Converter for Mac icon and select "Move to Bin" to uninstall it.

1.3  Brief Introduction

Kingshiper MP3 Converter for Mac is a versatile and efficient audio conversion tool designed to simplify the process of converting audio files on your Mac. With support for a wide range of formats including MP3, WAV, FLAC, and AAC, this tool offers fast and high-quality conversion to meet all your audio needs. You can convert audio formats, extract audio from videos, and batch-convert files into a standard format.  Moreover, users can customize the output settings based on their preferences. Enjoy a user-friendly interface, advanced editing features, and seamless conversion to enhance your music experience.


1.3.1  Supported Formats


Video Import Formats: VOB, MTS, M2T, M2TS, DV, SWF, MPG, MPEG, TS, OGV, RMVB, RM, WEBM, F4V, FLV, MP4, MKV, MOD, H.265, H.264, AVI, WMV, ASF, WTV, 3GP, MOV, M4V, AMV, MTV

Audio Output Formats: MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, MP2, M4A, M4R, AC3, AMR, WMA

2  How to Use Kingshiper MP3 Converter for Mac

2.1  Interfaces & Buttons

Please launch Kingshiper MP3 Converter on your Mac; the main interface will display. Some basic functions are as follows.

2.1.1  Add Files/Folder

The methods to add file materials include: Add Files, Add Folder, Click the "+" button to add a file and drag a file into the interface. It is convenient for you to drag a file directly through your desktop.

2.1.2  Output Settings

Customize settings like format, sample rate, channel, and quality in Kingshiper MP3 Converter for Mac. This helps users make the audio files suit their needs based on their preferences.

2.1.3 Output Settings(For each file)

After uploading your file, click on the “Conversion Settings” button. Here, you can modify the parameters of each file, such as format, sample rate, quality, channel, and volume.

2.1.4  Support Center

During the use of the software, clicking on the two buttons will allow you to contact the Kingshiper customer service and view the how-to tutorials.

2.1.5 Remove Items

By clicking “Delete”, you can remove unwanted or unnecessary files separately from the conversion queue. Or if you want to remove all the audio files in the list, click on “Clear All” to empty the current list.

2.2  Basic Functions

2.2.1  Audio Converter

Convert audio files into other common formats like MP3, WAV, Ogg, FLAC, MP2, M4A, AC3, DTS, PCM, AIFF, RA, AMR, WMV, and a wide range of other formats, enabling you to tailor your sound files to meet the specific requirements of different devices, applications, and use cases.

2.2.2  Video to Audio

With this feature, you can extract audio from a video file and save it separately, which allows you to enjoy just the audio content without the accompanying video elements.

3  Support and Help

If you have any feedback or suggestions on Kingshiper MP3 Converter for Mac, please do not hesitate to let us know. We are also enthusiastic about replying to all your questions about using it.

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