Kingshiper MP3 Converter

Kingshiper MP3 Converter User Guide

1  Get Started

It is simple to download, install, purchase, and activate the software. Follow the below steps.

1.1  Download & Install

Step 1. Download it on Your PC

If you don't have Kingshiper MP3 Converter yet, click the button below to download it. Or visit here to download it.


Step 2. Install Kingshiper MP3 Converter

From the pop-up window,  you can click the “Install” button to install our product as the default or you could choose the “Customize” option. After that,  you can click the Install to go ahead.

Step 3. Launch Kingshiper MP3 Converter

It will take seconds to install Kingshiper MP3 Converter successfully. A window like the below will prompt you that you can click the “Start Now” button to open Kingshiper MP3 Converter at once.

1.2  Login with Kingshiper Account(Register) & Update & Uninstall

1.2.1  Login Kingshiper MP3 Converter with Kingshiper Account/Old License

With the premium version of Kingshiper MP3 Converter,  you'll have the following permissions.

If you want to enjoy the full features without any limitations,  please simply click the “Buy now” option in the upper-right corner to purchase Kingshiper MP3 Converter from the official store.

If you have already purchased Kingshiper MP3 Converter,  please log in with the Kingshiper Account by clicking the Login button.

1.2.2  What is Kingshiper Account? 

Kingshiper Account refers to the account you created from one of the Kingshiper products. It helps you manage your order details and log in to Kingshiper products that support Kingshiper Account.

1.2.3  How to log in to Kingshiper MP3 Converter?

Launch Kingshiper MP3 Converter after installation,  and click the Login button in the upper right corner to get a new window as below.

1.2.4  How to sign up for a new Kingshiper Account

If you don't have a Kingshiper Account,  then you need to click the Create account here option on the initial interface and create a new account.

You'll get a new interface to enter your email address and set a password,  and then click the “Create Account” button to create the account.

1.2.5  What can you do with Kingshiper Account?

You can click on the “Member Center” button to open the Kingshiper official website and click on the Person icon, then choose “Account Center”. You can edit your profile, change your password, and check your order on this page.

My order: You can find the Order, Profile, and Security information here.


Profile: You can edit your personal information from this tab.


Security: You can change your password here.

1.2.6  Update

If you want to check if your Kingshiper MP3 Converter is the latest version,  you can follow the step below:

Go to the “Menu” icon, and click the “Check for Updates”. It will pop up a Live Update window.


1.2.7  Uninstall

If you think Kingshiper MP3 Converter hasn't met your expectations or you don't want to use it now,  you can uninstall it as below:


Go to “Control Panel” > “Programs” > “Programs and Features” > “Uninstall” and then right-click the icon of Kingshiper MP3 Converter and select Uninstall. Click “OK” when asked "Are you sure you want to completely remove Kingshiper MP3 Converter and all of its components?"


1.3  Brief Introduction

Thank you for your interest in Kingshiper MP3 Converter. Kingshiper MP3 Converter is a one-stop solution for all your audio needs, including Audio Converter, Audio Merger, Audio Compressor, Audio Splitter, and Video to Audio.


1.3.1  Supported Import Formats

Audio Import Formats: mp3, wav, ogg, flac, mp2, m4a, m4r, ac3, amr, wma, aiff, aifc, caf, aac, ape, mmf, wv, au, voc, 3gpp, mka, awb, m4b, dff, dsd, dsf, dst, sacd, cda
Video Import Formats: webm, f4v, ogv, avi, flv, mkv, mov, mp4, mpg, mpeg, ps, rmvb, swf, vob, wmv, wtv, rm, asf, m4v, m2v, m2ts, mts, m2t, ts, dv, mxf, m4v, m4b, m4s, h264, h265, gif, 3gp, 3gpp

1.3.2  Supported Out Formats

mp3, wav, ogg, flac, mp2, m4a, m4r, ac3, amr, wma

2  How to Use Kingshiper MP3 Converter

2.1  Interfaces & Buttons

Please launch Kingshiper MP3 Converter on your computer; the main interface will display. Some basic functions are as follows.

2.1.1  Home

Kingshiper MP3 Converter provides 5 tools, including Converter, Merger, Compressor, Splitter, Video to Audio. You can choose one of the features you need on the left side.

2.1.2  Preferences

Find the Menu option at the top-right corner, and click on “Preferences”. Here, you will have 2 options.

2.1.3  Add Files/Folders

The methods to add file materials include: Add Files, Add Folder, Click the "+" button to add a file, and drag a file into the interface. It is convenient for you to drag a file directly through your desktop.

2.1.3  Media Information(ID3)

ID3 tags are snippets of metadata that provide information about an MP3 file, such as the artist's name, song title, album name, year, and genre related to the audio content.

2.1.4  Output Settings

After uploading the file, you can adjust various parameters at the right of the interface. Adjust settings such as the output format, channel, quality, sample rate, volume and output folder of your converted audio files.


2.1.4  Support Center  Official Website

If you encounter any operation-related queries when using Kingshiper MP3 Converter,  simply click on the 'Official Website' button. The official website provides a comprehensive user guide and how-to tutorials.  Customer Support

If our tutorials can’t solve your problems,  please click on “Customer Support” to submit a ticket to the Kingshiper support team.

2.2 Basic Functions

2.2.1  Converter

Here, it allows you to convert audio files from one format to another. You can convert various audio formats such as MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, and more.

2.2.2  Merger

With the Audio Merger, you can combine multiple audio files into a single file. This is handy when you want to merge songs, podcast episodes, or any other audio recordings seamlessly.

2.2.3  Compressor

Audio Compressor is used to reduce the file size of audio recordings without compromising too much on quality.

2.2.4  Splitter

This feature enables you to divide a single audio file into multiple segments, which can be helpful for creating ringtones, extracting specific parts of a recording, or managing long audio tracks more effectively.

2.2.5  Video to Audio

It allows you to extract the audio track from a video file. You can convert video files in formats such as MP4, AVI, or MKV to audio formats like MP3 or WAV.

3  Support and Help

If you have any feedback or suggestions on Kingshiper MP3 Converter,  please do not hesitate to let us know. We are also enthusiastic about replying to all your questions about using it.

Submit Tickets:

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